Error 3027


Nuno Gomes


I have a problem.

I have develop a program that works fine in some PC.
But in others PC's in the line "DoCmd.TransferText..." it occurs the error
3027 - "Can't update. Database or object is read-only"

In the code "DoCmd.TransferText" my destination file is "name.ap0". But if i
change to "name.txt" it works fine.
Does this make any sense?...

Thank you for all your help.

Nuno Gomes

Lord Kelvan

most likly because access cannot understand what the ap0 format means
what you could do is write a bit of code to rename the file one way
and then back again

something like

Name "C:\name.ap0" as "C:\name.txt"
'code to do what ever it is you want
Name "C:\name.txt" as "C:\name.ap0"

note your filepath may not be c:\

hope this helps


Nuno Gomes

Thank you kelvan for your response.

I've already do your sugestion and works fine.

But i can't understand why i don't have this problem in some PC's and in
others i have...

It's the same version of Access, the same OS and the access aplication is
local and running as local administrator... why this happens?!?!...

Nuno Gomes

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