Error message "File not loaded completely"



Hi, I've got a VB application that calls Crystal, links
with SQL Server and outputs a CSV file. In our test
environment, where we have limited test data, the CSV file
created opens fine with Excel 2000. In our production
environment the CSV file opens but an error pop up appears
in Excel saying "File not loaded completely". On clicking
<OK> the file appears to load up but the formatting of the
first few lines in the report is all wrong - the first 9
rows of data appear in a single row. This means in the
first row we have a cell populated in the 221st column
when, generally speaking, it should be in row 58. The
number of rows in the CSV file is 2343 and its file size
is 1203KB. Searching the net for the error message we got
it says that there is a limit in Excel of 65,536 rows.
Now, our CSV file is no where near that size and yet we
see this error message. Has anyone got any ideas what the
problem is? How to fix it? A workaround? Or point me in
the right direction of what I should look at?

Many thanks in advance!



Nick Hodge


I suspect the error can equally well be applied to columns. Excel has 256
columns and you say the first few lines screw up and run over to column 221.
I would look at any special characters you may have in the data or double
quotes can also cause an issue sometimes

Just a few pointers

Nick Hodge
Microsoft MVP - Excel
Southampton, England
(e-mail address removed)

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