Error message 619



Not sure if I have the right area for this but the problem
I am having is:

3Com SuperStack II Remote Access System 1500 -modem pool
running windows 2000.
set up dial up connection.
the pc's dial in to the SuperStack fine, than a pop up
comes up and says connecting to "dialup" with verifying
username and password. after a while i get another pop up
Error connecting to Dialup
Error 619: The specified port is not connected.

Can anyone help me on this. I believe its a MS issue and
not a 3 COM issue (plus 3Com has discontinue this
product). The last time that I know of that this was
working was about one month ago. We do not have many
users who dial in (right now just one that I know of and
he informed me of it than.


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