Error importing Outlook 2002 messages to Windows Mail


New Friend

Hi, I keep having this error "Messages cannot be imported from the MAPI
Client. An error has occurred" when I tried to import Outlook 2002 messages
to Windows Mail.

Can anyone help me out?




New Friend

Yes, the OL2002 was installed in Windows Vista. But when I changed to a new
PC, it was Windows 2007.

Hal Hostetler [MVP-P/I]

The question is do you have Outlook installed on the PC on which you're
trying to make the transfer? Both Outlook and Windows Mail must be present
and setup on this machine. Windows 2007? No such thing, do you mean
Office/Outlook 2007?

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PA Bear [MS MVP]

First import the OL 2002 data into OL 2007, then import the OL 2007 data
into Windows Mail.

For the import to work, OL must be using the PST file (data) you want to

New Friend

No, I do not have OL on the new PC. How can I overcome this without
installing OL2007 on my PC?



PA Bear [MS MVP]

There's really only one way to accomplish this:

1. On the older Vista machine:

a. Import the OL data into Windows Mail (do not export the data to
Windows Mail from OL) & back-up the Windows Mail messages (EML files).

b. Copy the Windows Mail data to removable media (e.g., DVD; CD; Flash

2. On your new Vista machine:

a. Copy the data from the removable media to a new folder you've created
on your desktop.

b. Open the folder | CTRL+A | Right-click on the highlighted section |
Properies | Remove any 'Read Only' attribute the files may have.

c. Open Windows Mail & create a new local folder.

d. Open the new desktop folder and Windows Mail such that both windows
are visible.

e. Drag the EML files to the local folder you created in Step c above.

f. Export the Windows Mail data to OL 2007. [Do NOT be tempted to
import the data into OL!]

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