Error code 81000314



Hello, today when I was trying to login to MSN Messenger I got the
notification that the service was unavailable and that I should try again
later. Error code was 81000314.
Searched the internet and found some forums were this was discussed so I
tryed all of their tips but nothing worked. Re-installed msn -> msn live,
deleted ListCache.dat and re-registered softpub.dll. All according to this

I also tryed to login via web-messenger without succeeding and also via
e-messenger - didnt work either.
Last I tryed to login on another persons computer (since Im at work and
everyone elses messenger-accounts work). But I got the same error on his
machine even though he can login.

Anyone knows why this is happening and how to fix?


Soder of Sweden


Same problem here... we must be in the same area of the database within
Microsoft and MSN... hopefully it's fixed soon!

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