Error after GPO deploy



I continue to encounter the following error after deploying Windows Defender
1.1 through GPO:

"Application failed to initialize: 0x80070005. Access is denied."

The error occurs shortly after login (with administrator or user account),
and repeats at any attempt to open Defender. The issue seems to go away
after a reboot.


Hello ehill,

See if this KB, can help you:;en-us;884573

I have found that it goes away if I uncheck "System Configuration" in the
Windows Defender Real-Time protection options under "Tools - General

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I hope this post is helpful.

Let us know how it works ºut.



Thanks for the replies. I will try KB 904423 and re-post.

As for the "System Configuration" item... this is not possible\useful. The
error occurs during\following the install (box can't be cleared prior to
install; and the point would be to avoid alarming end-users with error
messages) and at any subsequent attempt to access Defender PRIOR TO A REBOOT
(after reboot problem no longer exists, so no need to clear the box).


I'm having this very same issue. Any updates as to how to fix this or is
it just a reboot the currect and only fix for now.


I still haven't found a solution to this issue. I have tried KB904423 as
suggested, but the issue still exists.


Did you get KB904423?
I checked that out and it seems it is not available for download, you have
to contact MS.
Did you install that, then uninstall and reinstall Defender from the GPO?
I also got the "Application failed to initialize: 0x80070005. Access is
It may go away on reboot, but if we send that out to the rest of the users,
I'd rather them not get error messages even once.


Agreed. It's just not professional to have to ask users to ignore error
messages and reboot the machine to begin working. It needs to be slick. I'm
in exactly the same position. Can't deploy to all machines till I find a
fix, but there doesn't seem to be one.

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