Error 80240016




I have Windows Vista Home Premium and am having some problems installing
updates. The error message I receive is the following:
"Some updates were not installed. Failed: 17 updates
Code 80240016 Windows update is currently installing other updates. Please
try again in a few minutes."

When I press the "try again" button, I get a "Windows Update" dialog box
appears which states "Enter the credentials for proxy authentication" and
then prompts me for my username and password. Regardless of what I enter in
nothing happens (except for this dialog going away).

This has been going on for a few months. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Cole T

Lol, this is quite funny actually because I have been experiencing the exact
same problem but with only three updates failed...apparently we have no
direct help of use so I wish those who provide us with some beneficial help
an extra plea of help and thanks in advance also.


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