Epson Photo 950 margin problems



I use Photoshop6 with my Epson 950 printer and always have to be on my guard
to ensure the picture is correctly centred on the paper.

If I use 'Print Options' from within PS and 'centre image' the printed
picture is usually 1 or 2 mm off centre. I usually have to set top and left
margins to around 1mm to achieve accurate results.

Using the 'no margins' setting from within the printer menu is much more
unpredictable, and varies depending on whether printing to A4 or roll paper.
To fill an A4 sheet entirely from edge to edge, without losing any of the
picture requires the margins to be set to 3mm. and the picture height/width
adjusted from within PS to 20.51cm and 28.8cm respectively.
Putting several smaller pictures onto one sheet of A4 can also be
problematical. I often print one (almost full width) picture covering half
an A4 sheet. I then turn the paper over and print the second picture, and
hope that it leaves sufficient gap in the centre of the page without
overprinting the first pix. Some trial and error is called for here, and the
dimensions given under 'Print options' in PS cannot be relied upon. Actual
print size has to be reduced by a few mm.

Roll paper is another problem area. To print without margins on 10cm wide
paper, I set the top margin to 2 mm and left margin to 2.8mm. The picture
height has to be reduced to 9.55 cm. I am never quite sure whether to
specify paper size (i.e width of the image along the length of the paper)
when printing a series of small pictures to roll paper, or whether the
printer takes care of that automatically. I usually specify the paper length
as 0.73cm more than the picture width. I have tried so many permutations to
ensure parts of the image are not lost around the edges, but these appear to
vary depending on whether you choose 'cut sheet' or 'banner mode' .

Can anyone add to my comments or come up with some more precise guidelines
to help with this problem.
Apologies for the my ramblings and somewhat vague suggestions here. Epson
have produced an excellent printer in many ways, but paper handling and
explanation given in the user guide is not one of it's strong points.





Printing borderless blows the picture up so if you have details around the
edges you might not want to use borderless printing.

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