"Enter Parameter Value"



[Using Access 2007]

I've changed two fields in a table and subsequently deleted those original
items from the corresponding form and have tried to insert the newly updated
fields. Now, I am receiving "Enter Parameter Value" when I try to open the
form. Also, when I try to insert the updated fields into the form, in the
"Fields available for this view," the fields I deleted are shown in the list
at the bottom and slightly indented to the left. I've also deleted two
queries that I had started that I thought might be interfering and generating
the "parameter" message.

Any idea why: 1) I'm getting the parameter message and 2) Why those deleted
fields are showing in the field list when I'm in the form?


One thing I can tell you from my experience. When you are getting the "enter
parameter value" it is because that value is not there. How did you re-insert
the new fields? Did you use an update query, make-table query, append query
or what? If you use an update query it won't delete the old records. Also
make sure that you did not change the primary key or any relationships, as
that could cause the problem.


"but I suspect you haven't deleted the fields from the query that your form
is based on"

Caveat: I'm a novice user but here's my confusion -- At this point, don't I
just have a table and my form? I haven't set up any queries that run off the
variables in this table. When you say "the query the form is based on" does
that mean Access is running a query behind this form? As to my method of
updating the form, I just opened the form in "Design View" and deleted the
old fields and inserted the new ones. Is that too simplistic?

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