Enable UPNP...please help me



I have been searching in vane, I can't seem to find out how to actiate UPNP
in Vista. There is no additional Networking Components to install as in
Windows XP and by having this enabled I should see a network icon for
Internet Connection that should report my internet connection speed through
my Netgear DG834G as occurs in XP.

Vista help suggests enabling UPNP Framework in Windows FIrewall but this
option doesn;t exist in the exceptions list. Also Messenger reports my UPNP
router is a non UPNP router while in XP messenger reports connected through a
UPNP router.

It's baffling me, can anyone help me out here.




ChopSticks900 said:
lol wow i jus noticed how old the original post is. better late than
never heh!

It's so freakin' old that Google Groups doesn't even have a copy.

It's best to look at the date of what you are replying to FIRST.

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