Enable Applications in a Domain



We have a W2003 Domain, and my client have a few "particular old apps" that
are very critical. That teh matter:
Well these apps where installed successfully in a WXP SP2 in WS with a
local admin account and tested, i mean, the app. can execute
This is the troubble:
Whe a Domain user logOn and try to execute the app. the system show an error
How i can enable the app for the Domain Users without admin rigths?
Thansk in advance!

Kerry Brown

This is sometimes not possible with older applications that were poorly
programmed. There are some tools here that will help you find out what files
and possibly registry locations the application is using. You can then try
changing the ACLs for those items to give the users permission to change


I particular the Filemon and Regmon programs are useful for this task.
Process Monitor can also be helpful. It is a lot of detective work that in
the end may not have the desired results.

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