Embedded music in PP 2003



I am finally learning a little about PowerPoint. I now know how to add a
RIFF header to an mp3 file and to embed the sound track using the Insert menu.

I have a few PP shows with music forwarded to me that I use as a learning
tool. I don't know the original authors. When I change the .pps extension
to .ppt and open them, I cannot find the sound icon in any slide. I did,
however, find the name of the music as the third item in the dropdown list
for "Sound:" under "Modify Transition" in the Slide Transition panel.

How did the author embed it? Is there a way to edit or delete it? Can I
have it start someplace other than the beginning?

Also, when I embed a sound track using Insert in the first slide with it
started Automatically, it seems to not actually start until the show has gone
2, 3 or 4 seconds. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you for you help.



John Wilson

If you save as html you should find the wav file in the folder of dependant

music tracks often have a silent intro so you may be seeing this.


Thank you, John. Yes, I did that and you are right. I did find the music.
My biggest question though was how did the author get it in there to begin
with. I assume some other way then Insert since there is no sound icon.

TAJ Simmons


In the "slide transition" dialog box/menu whatsit...

If you scroll down the list of 'fixed' sounds (No Sound, applause, arrow
etc), then the very last item is "other sound" - this allows you to find and
insert .wav files.

Powerpoint embeds them (probably based on the setting... over 100kb)

It's a good way to trigger a sound to start on a particular slide.

TAJ Simmons
PowerPoint Master

awesome - powerpoint templates,
powerpoint backgrounds, free samples, ppt tutorials...


I think I got it, thanks to both of you. However, is there a way to actually
delete the sound track from the show? I see I can make it "No Sound" to
silence but would like to actually remove it to reduce the size of the pp


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