emails from other isps



My son has a laptop and several times when he has been visiting he has tried
to receive and send emails from my house where I have broadband and router.
He can access the internet from anywhere in the house but has a problem with
He can send and recieve them from his house but not from here.
His server is supanet and mine is orange.
Is it possible to set outlook up to work from a "strange" server?
His POP3 and SMTP addresses are for his house.
He does not want to set up an account using orange, only supanet and
He can use Hotmail but wants to get outlook, his computer uses Vista.



William Lefkovics [MVP]

He should be able to access his emails with an internet connection. Sending
email may require using your ISP's mail server. Some ISPs do not let you
send SMTP using other servers.

In addition, his ISP probably has a webmail option too.
Try in a browser.

You haven't really said what that problem is. Receive and not send?
Outlook hangs? They smell funny?

James Jardine

This is usually caused by ISP's blocking SMTP through anyone but their
servers. An example would be users on bellsouth accounts. When on the
bellsouth network you would need to set the SMTP to
But that may not work on a comcast or other ISP network. Usually you can
search your ISP website for their SMTP server settings so he can make the
change while he is visiting.


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