Email blocked senders not being blocked



Hi -
I'm getting complaints from users that they cannot add senders that are
internal to our organization to the Blocked Senders list in OWA 2007. This
worked fine in OWA 2003.
The specific error message is:


"The e-mail address for the sender ([email protected]) is internal to your
organization and cannot be added to the Blocked Senders list. E-mail from
senders in your organization will never be treated as junk mail"

Is there anyway to bypass this? I understand the reasoning behind it, but
the ability to add internal senders to the blocked senders list in OWA is a
useful feature for our users here.


Duncan McC

Not sure if this will do it, but in the Outlook main window menu...

Actions, Junk Email, Junk Email Options, Safe Senders (tab)

try unchecking: "Also trust email from my Contacts"

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