Emachine, Complete restore of XP Home, Symantec Ghost 7.0 Problem



Using the eMachine Model T2385 Restore CD, I am trying to Completely Restore
my system.

I have removed Symantec System Works, Symantec Internet Security 2006. When
booting with the eMachine Restore CD, get error messages with Symantec Ghost
7.0 window logo, "Can't open R:T2385.GHO", "Can't open R:ghosterr.txt",
Application Error 11000, "Invalid File Dump".

I then downloaded Symantec's (2 different, ME and XP versions) Norton
Removal Tools, and then tried to Boot off the Restore CD, same errors.

I called Symantec, "We don't support Ghost 7.0 anymore, call Microsoft and
get different Restore XP software".

How do I do that? And do you think it'll work? Symantec wasn't very
helpful and I doubt I'll spend money on anymore of their products.

Leonard Grey

A restore CD completely erases your hard disk. Makes no difference what
software you have installed. If your restore CD isn't doing this, you're
probably using it incorrectly.

Make sure that your BIOS is set to boot from the optical drive first.
Then place the disk in the drive and start your computer.

Otherwise, since you are using an eMachine restore CD, eMachine is your
destination for questions.

David B.

The restore CD uses Norton Ghost to do it's thing, and something isn't
working correctly. Getting "different restore software" isn't going to do
anything for you as it won't work with your recovery disks, you need to
contact Emachines tech support.


A simular thing happened to me. After running "Norton removal tools" I then
uninstalled "Norton Ghost" in safe mode. After that, my Emachine restore went
smoothly. Don't know if it will work for you though.

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