Editing LockSingleUser exe file



Just to be upfront, this is not a question with regards to getting the
program working, because it does and works great!!

My question/problem is with regards to some random forum I read where
someone was able to edit the warning screen telling the user that they
are already logged in.

Basically the message is somewhat confusing to "Joe User" and I want
to change it to something that makes a bit more sense. also, being in
The Great White North, everything has to be not only in English, but
French as well, so I wanted to translate part of the message and have
it display as well.

Now after reading some random forum, someone was able to edit the
LockSingleUser2.exe file user Visual Studio and customize it to his

So my question is, how did he do that, or for that matter, has anyone
had any experience doing this?

Thank you

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