Editing Excel Worksheets Online



I work with an informal coalition of small non-profits. The group would like
to be able to share a handful of Excel spreadsheets via the Internet, with a
few members having online edit capabilities and the remainder being able to
read and download them. We have access to a website, but the hosting
provider requires the files to be read-only, for security reasons. I
proposed using a simple ftp client to download, edit, then upload the
spreadsheets, but there's not a lot of enthusiasm over that approach. I've
read some info on Excel Services and Sharepoint, but I'm afraid I don't
understand what I'm reading. We do not have a private server available to

Does anyone know another approach that I'm overlooking? Are there commercial
servers available somewhere that will allow us to do this for a reasonable
fee? Not all members have Excel2007, so the files are .xls, not .xlsx, if
that matters. I would need some type of password protection, accessible by
the "editors", but with the files still available to the "readers". Not
asking for much, am I? :) Any suggestions are very much appreciated.




Bernard Liengme

Have a look at Microsoft SkyDrive which gives 25GB of free storage
You can specify who can see a file - link to you Windows Mail contact list
or enter an email address
Users must have Microsoft Live ID (formerly 'passport') but do not need a MS
mail account
I use this to get at files while away from my home office - files I do not
want on thumb drive or laptop.
best wishes


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