I have one person who fowards jokes and poems and "stuff" but none of it
comes thru on my e-mail. If she sends a picture or a note it is fine, but
all her forwards just show up a text on my e-mail. Is this something I can
change or is it her settings. I get forwards from several other friends no
problem, just hers come through unreadable.



K. Orland

You haven't included any details that would assist anyone in trying to figure
out what the issue may be.

If you're using Microsoft Outlook, what version is it?
What type of mail account (Exchange, POP3, etc.)?
Do you have a SPAM filter installed?
Is your antivirus software configured to scan incoming and outgoing email?
Is the mail going to your Junk Mail folder?
Does the sender receive a NDR (non delivery report) for those emails you
don't receive?
How often do you have Outlook set to poll for mail from the server?
Do you see any send/receive errors? What do they say?
Have you done any troubleshooting of your own already (so no one tells you
to duplicate anything you're already done)?
Do you have any Outlook Add Ins or COMs, synch software (for use with a
handheld), fax software, etc. that might not be compatible with your version
of Outlook or cause interaction?

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