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Bobby Z


I set up a website for a customer using Fronpage2003. On the Contact Us
page I added a link with their e-mail address.

When someone sends them an e-mail using the webpage link the e-mail that
they receives says it is from me.

Is there any way to resolve this problem.

Thanks you very much!


If the link is a mailto: link then the email will be sent from the users
email client using their address.
If the email is sent using a form then:

Yes - don't use the FrontPage extensions to process the email.

As it stands, the email From address will be whatever is configured in the
extensions. This can be changed if your host is will to do so, but it is a
fixed address related to the website, not to the customer.

The ReplyTo address can be taken from a field in the form using Form
Properties, so when your client clicks Reply in his Email client, the
customers address will be shown.

With server side scripting (asp, asp.NET, PHP etc) the From and replyto
address can be programmed to be whatever you want them to be, though
strictly speaking, it is the server that sends the email, not the customer.

Mike Mueller

A caveat to this is even though you can set the FROM to be whatever, some
spam software checks the IP address of the emails origin and compares it to
the MX/SPF records for the FROM address, so it may get blocked or caught up
in spam filters

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