e-mail IMAP server name problem



I am having trouble sending my e-mail messages
it askes me the name of servers - incoming and outgoing names.
(ex. POP or IMAP.......)

I am using aol. Does anyone know what the aol incoming and outgoing server
names are? I've already tried imap.aol.com for incoming mail
and SMTP.aol.com for outgoing and these combinations don't work.

Please help.

Thank you.


Thank you Dave for the info - however, I am using Outbox-Windows Mail and I
tried using the outlook express info, it sets up account but I still cannot
send my messages. it comes back saying that the host SMTP could not be
found. Please verify that you have entered the server name corretly.

I don't know what to do from here. Are you able to help? Thank you.



HI Dave,

For some reason it seems to work or send now even though the message
pops up that the host smtp could not be found..................

I will try to send from a Craigslist job posting and see if it works.

Thank you,



Perhaps you didn't enter the complete server name...
Tools - Accounts - (youraccount) - Properties - Servers
for Outgoing, enter smtp.aol.com
for Incoming, enter imap.aol.com

and under the Advanced tab, change the Outgoing (SMTP) port number to 587


HI Dave,

Thank you for your response and the information.

It works now without any problem or error message.
Hallelujah!!!! I even tried sending a craigslist posting without having
to copy and paste to another e-mail and sending directly from windowsmail.

I believe it had to do with changing the port number to 587.

Thank you so much. You are great!!

God Bless you!!!!!


Dan J.Buntz

I'm currently living with a "TBI.",could someone explain,.How I can get My
Email started..
With the simplest instructions PLEASE!:[ I,had sustained a "Head
Injury",could You,possibly make it simple.....Please an Thank You,an have,
a "Happy Birthday"

Gary VanderMolen

What's a "TBI."?
If you are talking about IMAP, Comcast Mail can't do IMAP.

Server Name Problem

Yes i have the same problem i would like to know how to send messages because
it says i have errors i have vista! (Acer) does any one know the combos or

Gary VanderMolen [MVP]

Do you have an existing email address? If so, what is the part of
your email address after the @ symbol? That part represents your
mail service provider.
Your mail provider will typically have a web page that shows how to
set up an email program. If you need more help, tell us the name of
your email service provider. If you currently don't have an email
address, we can help with that also.

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