E-mail Address not verified Windows messenger



I get this following the E-mail address of one of my Windows Messenger
(e-mail address removed) (E-mail Address Not Verified)

How do I remove (E-mail Address Not Verified) ?


Jonathan Kay [MVP]

Greetings Don,

The only way to "remove" this is to verify your e-mail address. To have your e-mail address
verified, you need to click on the verification e-mail sent to you by Passport Services. If
you no longer have this e-mail or never received it, you'll need to request another one from
Passport Services here:
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Hi Don,

The person who that address belongs to needs to find the
message sent to them when thejoined the messenger
network. They will click a link with in that email, it
then varifies that the address they joined with is indeed
theirs. I have the same problem but the person who has
that address on my list has deleted the email completely
and can not seem to find another way to verify now that
they have deleted it, I am not sure if that is why we are
having problems having video chat or not.

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