e-mail typo for Windows Messenger4.7



My new computer came with Windows Messenger 4.7. When I registered it
I typed my e-mail address incorrectly. Now when I turn on my computer,
I get the message, "You need to verify your e-mail with Windows
Click on the link of the e-mail we sent you. I didn't receive the
e-mail because it is going to a incorrect e-mail address. How do I
correct my e-mail address with Windows Messenger4.7?

Jonathan Kay [MVP]


Firstly you'll need to change your Passport e-mail address here:

After this, you'll then need to re-setup your saved Passport in Windows. To do so, click
Start, then Control Panel and then User Accounts. Click your account, choose 'Change my .NET
Passport' from the list of tasks and then the 'Use a different Passport' button -- then go
through the wizard.
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