Dynamic disk not bootable


Pat Fry

I have a problem with a hard drives in a Win2000 Server SP2. The
server had 2 hard drives configured to mirror each other. Something
happened and one of the hard drives went wacko. At the time I thought
it had a hardware failure. To make a long story short, I now have a
server with 2 hard drives which are not mirrored. The first hard drive
has only a boot partition with the boot.ini pointing at the 1st
partition on the 2d hard drive. The second hard drive is a dynamic
disk left over from the original mirror. It turns out the second hard
drive was basically intact, but if I remove the first hard drive, the
server will not boot from the 2d hard drive even with appropriate
changes to boot.ini. There are no errors. The server just hangs at a
black screen before there is any sign of OS loading.

I would like to be able to boot from the 2d hard drive, reformat the
1st as a dynamic disk and then remirror. I don't want to do this as
long the server won't boot from the 2d hard drive. Everything I've
read about dynamic disks indicates they are bootable and no action is
necessary to make them so. I can't find a way within Win2000 to make
them bootable.

Can anyone help? Thanks.

Bjorn Landemoo


Probably, your second disk is missing a Master Boot Record. Configure your
server to boot from your second disk, then start the recovery console (from
your CD) and use the command fixmbr.

You will probably get this error message, but you can ignore it:


Best regards


Pat Fry

Thanks. I will try this as soon as possible. I was actually afraid of
doing this to a dynamic disk.

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