Dying HD - how to transfer?



The Hard Drive in my computer is dying and I hate to think of re-starting
from scratch or making 110 CDs with back-up software.

Is there a way to just copy everything from an old drive to a new one?
Without having to re-register XP or go through installing all the mods and
updates again?





The easiest way is to use Norton Ghost or other imaging program. The
link below should give you a search on the phrase Disk Imaging. When
choosing a software make sure it supports the NTFS file system. I prefer
Norton Ghost for the simple reason that it will take the data from your
hard drive and burn it to CDR or RW live and then validate the image.
You can then boot from the first CD and restore it to any hard drive. If
you run sysprep (follow instructions on MS and Symantec site) you can
even migrate XP or 2K to new hardware.

http://vivisimo.com/search?v:sources=Web&tb=2.13-Beta&query=Disk Imaging

and here's Ghost:



If you buy a retail box Maxtor or Seagate you will have a CD included in the

Install the HDD then bootup from the CD.

It will provide setup of new HDD: format, partition etc.

In addition ti will allow you to immediately copy the existing C Drive to
the new disk.

Once finished, power off PC, disconnect old HDD, reset new HDD to Master and
reboot to Windows.

All isntructions are in the box. No need to buy Ghost or 3rd Party apps!

Good and sweet!


simplest is to as suggested buy a hard drive with cloning software. Also
good to support the vendors that include that free!



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