DVI resolution limited at 1680x1050 with NEC 3090WQXi

May 24, 2010
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Quite disappointed with my recent investment of the expensive NEC 30" monitor, I was hoping the monitor will provide more readable fonts from its size...

The story is
I have a 28 inch Hanns monitor which does 1920x1200 with no problem from my work computer (a Dell latitude D830 with docking station, the Hanns was connected to a DVI switch with DVI/HDMI and the cable between the docking station and laptop is DVI/DVI)
This setup has no problem displaying 1920x1200 digitally with HDMI cable on the Hanns

Now, my resolution drops to 1680x105o if connected through the switch digitally with DVI cable (the NEC does not have HDMI port),
If connected with analog (VGA at the docking station, DVI-A on the NEC) cable, the resolution goes up to 1920x1200 but the pictures does not look digital sharp!

Question is
If my docking station can output 1920x1200 digitally (with HDMI) why it won't do it with my NEC with DVI connection?
I have tried all kinds of cable test:DVI-I, DVI-A, DVI-D (both single and dual link). No matter how I tried, digital resolution is limited to 1680x1050...


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