DVD player problems



I have a DVD which works OK in DVD player.
The E drive plays CD-ROM and CD-r OK just not DVD-R.

I get a message like "A disc with an unsupported format
ib drive E" "Please load disc in E" or "No valid
drive/disc found" using win MediaPlayer or
WinDVD or PowerDVD.

The drive in "QSI DVD-ROM SDR-083" running under XP in a
Compaq nx7000 laptop.

I set the region code correctly.

I expected the DVD to work immediately in MediaPlayer but
nothing seems to work now. Can you give me any hints???

Thanks for any ideas you can give....



Graham Hughes, MVP Digital Media

If it's a home recorded -R disc it shouldn't be region coded.
Does the dvd drive in your pc support playback of -R discs? Maybe only +R?
Has it played any other -R discs before?