DVD (media player) help!



Hello, I have a DVD movie on my computer and would like to copy it to disc,
to watch on my DVD player. Though it is currently only opens in Windows Media
Player. How can I convert into a file that I can watch on a DVD player or
PowerDvd. Thanks Owen

W.D. Parker

If this is a copyrighted DVD (bought or rented from a store) you will need
to download DVD shrink (www.dvdshrink.org) to decrypt it and shrink it down
to fit on a 4.7Gb DVD+-R disk. You must have a DVD+-RW drive to do this
however. The program will make an AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folder (containing
the movie files). Just use your program (preferable NERO) and write those 2
folders on to the blank DVD and that's it.

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