Duplicated mapped drives appear with new letters!


Gerry Hickman


On our network, all users have logon scripts that delete all drive
mappings and recreate them. This has worked perfectly for over two years
until today when one user gets additional drive letters, but mapped to
drives she already has. e.g. we don't have a "G:" drive, but suddenly
she has one mapped to the same place as her "T:" drive.

I disconnected the rogue drive, and logged her off and then back on - at
first everything was fine, but then she tells me an "H:" drive has appeared!

Danny Sanders

I've seen that here also. Every unmapped drive letter will connect to the
same drive.
I've posted with no answers.

It happens here on Win 2k SP 4, the drive that gets mapped is set up for
offline files. By chance does your user's newly mapped drives connect to a
folder that is set up for offline files?

This user had this happen to her a couple of times and each time it was to
the folder set up for offline files.
Wonder if there is something to that.


Gerry Hickman

Hi Danny,

I think I've worked out what's going on.

This user uses the "favorites" facility in the Word 2000 OpenDialog box.
I didn't know there was such a thing until today, but basically there's
a button in there called favorites and it points to your favorites,
however, this can contain not only internet favorites, but also
"shortcuts" to certain folders.

Her argument for using it, is that some folders of interest on her
shared drives are 12 levels deep and she need to go into them 30 times a
day. She creates favorites pointing to these specific folders.

However, when I looked at the properties of some of them, they were
mapped to drives that should not exist (not sure how this happened in
the first place).

My guess is that when she clicks on such a favorite, it will try to
reconnect the drive - typical Microsoft Shell being over helpful.

I've got rid of the rogue shortcuts and so far the drives are clean...

It would not surprise me if the "offline folders" thing is exactly the
same kind of problem.

Danny Sanders

Thanks for posting back. I'll check to see if this is the case with the
computer here giving me the same problem.


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