Duplicate Files



Easy Cleaner does a scan for duplicate files but provides no information
about which ones may be safely removed. Some articles I found doing a Google
search tell me clutter may be removed with Windows XP SP2's Duplicate Finder
tool. I, however, have been unable to locate such a tool.

Is there a safe way to remove duplicate files? If there is a Windows XP SP2
Duplicate Finder tool, where is it and is it safe to use?

Leonard Grey

The only reason you have to remove a duplicate file is if you know for a
fact that the duplicate file is unneeded now and will not be needed in
the future. Unless you know this for sure, *don't mess around*. And get
rid of toys like Easy Cleaner, which is short for 'Easy Way to Get Into
Trouble So You'll Need to Do a Clean Install.'


The Duplicate Finder is insatlled as part of Support Tools; look on the XP
CD in folder \support\tools and run setup.

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