Access Auto Matching Duplicates?

Jul 26, 2017
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My business wants to use Access to keep record for all of our customer files. We have many offices and entry will be happening by multiple users. In addition one larger office wants to import their information into this database from their existing software. My concern is duplicate entries. I know how to put a prompt in place to prevent a duplicate entry but I'm concerned it would cause an error in an upload. I also know we can run a query to remove duplicates but with our volume that seems a little daunting and if duplicates aren't caught right away we will end up with 2 offices having 2 different file numbers for the same customer. I'm looking for a template that may have something already built it to either auto match or prompt to match duplicates, I think. Other ideas or input would be greatly appreciated. I'm hoping Access can work for us but we are also open to other solutions. Thank you!!

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