Duane's Calendar



I have a question, or rather a problem. I downloaded Duane's calendar and
have almost got it to work the way that I would like. What I want to do is
have the calender display as a quarterly calender instead of an annual
calendar. Also, for each date, I would like to have the employee's name and
number of PTO hours displayed on the respective date. The problem that I am
having is that I cannot resize the calendar and get the calendar sort figured
out. Please help. Here is the record source for the srptMonth that I have.

SELECT qryEmployeeDateTime.Instructor, Format([CalendarDate],"yyyymm") AS
YrMth, qryEmployeeDateTime.CalendarDate,
IIf(IsNull([tblEmployeeTimeOff2]![Instructor]),Null,([tblEmployeeTimeOff2]![Hours Taken])) AS Off, tblEmployeeTimeOff2.[Time Off Type]
FROM qryEmployeeDateTime LEFT JOIN tblEmployeeTimeOff2 ON
(qryEmployeeDateTime.CalendarDate = tblEmployeeTimeOff2.Date) AND
(qryEmployeeDateTime.Instructor = tblEmployeeTimeOff2.Instructor);




Duane Hookom

Which of my sample calendars are you looking at? Is this the crew rotation
schedule that resembles a Gantt timeline?

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