dual toolbars



Here's an interesting problem I haven't been able to find anyone to help with
When I sign in two tool bars come up, one on the bottom, which is normal and
one on top which is grey, I cannot remove, delete as this freezes the
computer automatically and when my computer does freeze up which is does, I
access the task manager to shut down, the CPU useage is always at 100% also
as I open programs it seems two programs are open by looking at the task bars
but only is open(as indicated on the task manager) Any suggestions?

Ronnie Vernon MVP

Just to be completely clear, it's called the Taskbar. :)

This is a new one I haven't seen before. Although the following fix does not address this specific problem, it may fix it. Go to the following website and scroll down to Line 164, left side. Click the "Restore Taskbar to Default Functionality" link to download the file. Double click the file to run the fix. Let me know the results.

Troubleshooting Windows XP, Tweaks and Fixes for Windows XP:

If this does not fix the problem, perform the following to try and locate exactly where the problem is coming from.

Check the Event Viewer for possible information. Go to start/Run and type eventvwr and press OK. Click the Application menu item on the left and look for any "X" error messages that coincide with when you last saw this behavior. If any are found, double click the error entry to see the details, click the Copy Icon on the right side of the details dialog screen (looks like 2 pages of text) and paste the error details in a reply to this message. You only need to post the text starting with Event Type: and ending with the Description:. You can omit the Data section.


Event Type: Error
Event Source: <source>
Event Category: <category>
Event ID: <ID #>
Date: <date>
Time: <time>
User: <user name>
Computer: <computer name>
Hanging application <program>, <version>, <address>


Go to Start/Run and type msinfo32 and press OK. Click Components/ComponentsProblemDevices to check for possible hardware device problems. If anything is visible in this window, copy the information and post it in a reply.


Open Control Panel and double click the System icon. Click the Advanced tab, look in the Startup and Recovery section and press the Settings button. In the System Failure section, remove the check mark from the Automatically Restart option. Apply/OK.

This will allow any blue screen error messages to be displayed. If you do see a blue screen "STOP" error, always write down the first line of the message.

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