Dual NICs and WINS



Is there any way to make sure that only the one IP address
in a dual NIC system is registered in WINS?
I want to set up several dual NIC servers. Each server
has a public network on one NIC and a private network on
the second NIC. The second network would not have a
gateway to the public network and no server will be set up
to transfer packets from one network to the other. The
second network is for doing the 'housekeeping' functions
of backing up large amounts of data with out taking the
bandwidth from the public network. When I first attempted
to do this the private addresses were auto registered in
WINS. This really caused problems for the non-Dual NIC
systems. Thanks for any help



Herb Martin

At the risk of misunderstanding your problem and giving an irrelevant
and obvious answer:

HOw about setting the IP properties on the "2nd NIC" to point to a
fictitious WINS server?

(By the way, does this work?)


Thanks, That is one option I was going to try. I will have to make a test network(s) first, trying this out on the production network wasn't the smartest thing I've done. I was afraid that if it couldn't find the fictitious WINS server it would go ahead and broadcast to find a real one. But I don't know. According to the reading I've done when there is two WINS entries for a server the WINS is supposed to resolve to the one on the same network as the requester. My problem was it didn't. My next try is to put an additional WINS on the private network and limit the entries to just the private network with no replication anywhere
Ideally I would like to only have the public address in the WINS and that’s all it would resolve for. All traffic on the secondary network would be by full UNC addresses

----- Herb Martin wrote: ----

At the risk of misunderstanding your problem and giving an irrelevan
and obvious answer

HOw about setting the IP properties on the "2nd NIC" to point to
fictitious WINS server

(By the way, does this work?

Scott Harding - MS MVP

Oops...sorry didn't look too deep....just saw the subject and it sparked my
mind of in this direction....

Scott Harding
MCSE, MCSA, A+, Network+
Microsoft MVP - Windows NT Server

Cliff said:
Thanks for the articles but none of the dual NIC systems are domain
controllers or WINS servers etc. I just want to not have wins entries for
the private networks available to non-dual NIC servers.

Danny Slye - [MSFT}

If the network card on the "private" network does not have a WINS server
configured, it should never try to register it's IP in WINS. If you don't
need NetBIOS over TCP/IP on the private network, you can disable it. You
can still connect via UNC path with servers that are running Windows 2000
and up using "netbios-less" SMB over port 445. Some applications will not
work like this, though

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Multihoming a WINS server is not recommended because of exactly the reason
your trying to fix. Netbios registrations will never be consistent. Have a
look below....

http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;224449&Product=win2 000
Scott Harding
MCSE, MCSA, A+, Network+
Microsoft MVP - Windows NT Server
Danny Slye
Microsoft Support Professional

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Thank you, I only wish to get a lot of Robocopy and backup
traffic off of the network that uses my load balancers for
gateways so this should work fine.

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