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I have 2 computers: a LapTop and a regular Desktop. I am using the windows
XP platform on both machines.

On my Lap Top I usually run lots of programs; simultaneously. I am
definitely running out of space to display my programs.
Thus I would like to use the 2nd monitor to DISPLAY some of my application
programs; rather than switch from one to the other.

So first I connect the 2nd monitor to the lapTop.

* Is this possible ?
* How can I switch/move specific applications from one monitor to the
other ?
* After running a new program on the LapTop, how can I get that program
to display on the 2nd monitor ?

Any reference on this subject deeply appreciated.

If I right click on the desktop >> Properties >> Settings

First I notice, 2 rectangular boxed, labeled 1 & 2
Also within the "settings" tab there are 2 options:
(1) Multiple Monitors on NVIDIA ...
(2) Plug & Play monitor on NVIDIA ...





Its possible, but how you proceed depends on what video driver/ software for
dual display you are using and what options that driver gives you.

Bob I

I would suggest reading the Laptop manual, and also looking up "Multiple
Monitors" in Windows "Help and Support". Those two places contain all
the instructions you need.



Michael D. Alligood

I have this exact same setup with my laptop. Normally, there is an "FN"
key next to your START, CTRL, or ALT key. It is normally blue lettering.
If you notice on your keys you will see the same blue lettering that
corresponds with your FN key when pressed. Look for a symbol something
like this" |O|

Plug in your external monitor to the designated port, and then press
your FN and |O| symbol. Mine has multiple settings. If I press them
once, it turns off my laptop display and displays the contents on the
external monitor. If I press it twice, it displays on both monitors.
Then I can enable multi monitoring thru the display control panel and
take advantage of the multi monitor feature. If you need more
assistance, let me know.

Michael D. Alligood
Network+, i-Net+, CIW Assoc.,
CIW Certified Instructor

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