Dual monitor setup: second monitor not recognized



I got a Y adapter to split my video display. The display shows on both
monitors beautifully. But when I go to extend my desktop, the second monitor
isn't recognized.

So, on the Settings tab in the Display Properties dialog, there's no window
with 2 monitors. Just the single default monitor. So I can't customize the
display. And in the Device Manager, just the single default monitor appears.

For what it's worth, I've got an HP a220n with two hp Pavilion f1503
monitors (yes, identical monitors...could that be the problem?).

I've also got Windows XP with all the latest updates.

Any suggestions?


You need 2 monitors.
AND a video card that supports 2 monitors OR 2 video cards.

NOT a Y adaptor.


To add, your adapter merely allows the two monitors to share the same
The displays are not independent, as the other poster states use a dual
monitor video card. I dont reccomend trying to use two video cards as it can
lead to problems.
If your video display adapter is on the mobo you will have to check in the
mobo manual as to whether this is auto disabled when you install a vid card
or whether you have to disable in the bios,

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