Dual Monitor Problem


Paul Eppley

I am running PowerPoint 2003 on a Toshiba Satellite 2455-S305 with an
NVIDIA GeoForce4 420 Go video card. I can run a presentation using dual
monitors with the Presenter View appearing on the external monitor (or
projector) and the show on the laptop screen, but I can't switch them.
Obviously, I want the show on the projector and the Presenter View on the
laptop screen. Has anyone run into this problem before?

Kathy J

It sounds like your laptop screen is still set as the primary screen. You
can adjust with a few easy steps:
Right click your desktop and bring up Properties. Go to the display tab and
see if your laptop or your projector is set as the primary device. Note
which one is marked with the number 1 and which is marked with the number 2.
Now,go to Slide Show--> Set Up Show. Just above the checkbox for Show
Presenter View there should be a drop down list for which monitor you want
to use to see the presentation. Set that to the number for the projector
from your desktop settings (primary if it was one, secondary if it was
two.). Ok your way out - the presentation should now show on the screen and
presenter view on the laptop.
Post back if this doesn't fix things.
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Paul Eppley

My laptop is the primary screen. In PowerPoint, I try changing in the
drop down list from one monitor to the other, but the presentation always
comes up on the laptop and the Presenter View always comes up on the
external monitor.

Paul Eppley


I didn't miss that. Windows considers my laptop's monitor the primary
monitor and it doesn't appear that I can change that. However,
PowerPoint displays the Presenter View on the external monitor (not the
primary monitor) and the slide show on the primary monitor (the laptop)
no matter which monitor I tell PowerPoint to put the slide show on in the
"Set Up Show" menu.

Bill Dilworth

Hi Paul,

It sounds like you may have missed the first part of what Kathy explained.
You must tell Windows which monitor you want to be considered primary. This
is a Windows function, not a PowerPoint one. PowerPoint will show the
presenter's view on the monitor Windows thinks is the primary.

So, follow the steps she outlined:

1) Close PowerPoint
2) Open the Windows properties dialog for the display.
3) Test which monitor is number 1
4) Change it, if required.
5) OK out of the dialog boxes

6) Reboot (optional)
7) Open PowerPoint and test.

These steps, as Kathy recommended, should fix the problem you have
described. If you have followed all the steps and the screens are still
reversed, please post back.

Bill Dilworth, Microsoft PPT MVP
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