Dual-booting question


Brian Wescombe

I know that Vista is only in Beta, but I'd like to try it out when it's
publicly available. How do I make it so I can dual-boot with my existing XP
installation? Do I just boot from the Vista DVD and select a different
partition to install to (I have two physical drives, each with two
partitions) ?

Thanks in advance



Jane Colman

As long as you have a spare partition of at least 15 gigs in size, then yes,
you can dual boot by installing Vista onto a separate partition. Personally
for dual booting I use separate hard drives for each OS.

If you care to use Outlook Express or a similar newsreader, then
microsoft.public.windows.vista.installation_setup would be a good place to
look for information on Vista, as would





Well, you don't have to worry about this much. As long as you install Vista
in a different drive or a different partition, it will give you the option.
Although though things might change from now on, I'm sure that the only
possible thing that can happen is the install process getting easier. I've
heard about vista only accepting primary partitions, but that is most likely
to change during the public release.

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