Driver signing


P. Jayant

Microsoft scares users of its OS - XP - about using unsigned drivers. But
does not install the approved and signed drivers, when they are needed. As
an example, I have a video cum display card of ATI (AIW Radeon 8500 DV
Hercules 3D Prophet) installed on my computer. It has worked for some 3 to 4
years without any problem with the drivers which were there on the
installation disk and later with the earlier versions of Catalyst drivers.
MS always insists on installing new patches for improving security nad other
considerations but does not warn if the periodic updates which it does to my
system have any side effects.

The video card has become useless now because Windows does not approve of
the latest drivers (Catalyst 6.5 and MMc 9.14) recommended by ATI on its
web-site for this card but does not say which earlier versions of the same
series it approves for this card. On one occasion, even the driver approved
and installed by Windows failed to work and the Windows froze as soon as it
was opened. So I am now in a limbo with neither MS nor ATI providing the
drivers which will work under the conditions created by perennially upgraded
XP and am working with a VGA Display driver without any functionality for
tv, video capture or even graphic acceleration while watching a slide show
of family photographs, while tThe entire RAM of 1 GB installed on the video
card is sitting idle.

Of course, on some occasions, I have asked XP to ignore the driver signing
and install the Catalyst drivers recommended by ATI in the past and it has
worked on some occasions. But this time I have not been successful. Which
means that ATI too does not provide correct information on which of the
scores of drivers it has released for its video cards, is suitable for each
of the models they have sent in the world market, over the years. Clever way
of cornering customers to keep updating with the latest hardware, costing
pocketful of money.

P. Jayant




Ignore driver signing. Completely remove any previous instances of the ATI
driver and MMC. Download the latest drivers from (Cat 6.6 and
possible 6.5 do not support the 8500). Try Cat 6.4 and MMC 9.13. Follow
the installation instructions carefully (order matters with MMC). Never
update drivers from Windows Update site.

Good luck,


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