Driver signing for virtual com device




I wanted to clarify my doubt whether my virtual driver can be certified. I
will explain my scenario: I have a USB device, for which i develop a
functional driver. To support legacy applications working over COM ports, i
emulate most of serial ioctls in this driver, and also use serenum.sys as a
upper filter device above my usb functional device for COM emulation. I load
serenum from a separate inf file, similar to toaster sample.
Correspondingly, during installation of my device, two prompts appear for
confirming unsigned driver installation in XP/2000. After hopefully covering
HCT tests (which I still need to complete) and getting my functional driver
signed, i may get away with the first prompt. But how do i remove the second
prompt during loading of serenum? I suppose as serenum.sys is a standard
driver coming with Windows, it may have a catalog file separately available
that i may use in my custom inf file. Can anyone clarify?



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