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In a workground environment we have a shared drive on a Server which is used
to store backups of user PST files. Each user has access to a directory under
this folder such as 'asmith'

We have created a mapping on the clients to their folder as R: and set it to
reconnect at login. They must use a unique username and password to connect
the mapping.

This all works however at startup Windows XP does not prompt the user to
enter the password unless they click on the R: drive to try to connect. In
Windows 2000 the users are prompted after loggin in for the map drive
password. We need this to happen in XP as the PFBackup tool fails if they
haven't authenticated and connected the mapping.

Can this be set somewhere in XP to force the login dialog for the mapping at


I think this is the way XP was designed to work - it only prompts for
credentials when you try to use the mapped drive.

If you're mapping it through Windows Explorer, you could try using the
"Connect using a different user name" option in the Map Network Drive dialog.

Alternatively, run a login script to map the drive when someone logs in,
using something like

net use r: \\servername\sharename password /user:username

You can do net use ? to get a full list of options.

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