Drive being recognized incorrectly as write protect.



Have posted this before but it seems the then solution is no longer working.

Asus P5K mobo, 4G RAM, Intel Core2 Q6600 Quad Core (GO) CPU, Windows Vista
Ultimate x64.

I have a Western Digital 750G SATA2 HDD connected to the JMicron controller,
as my third HD. Lately it has again become 'write protected', in that all
the proper access permissions are available to all users, but you can't
write/delete/modify the contents as Windows says the disk is write protected.
The most recent driver is installed, and the controller is set as AHCI since
the e-SATA port is also on this controller.

What can I do to resolve the issue (I use this drive considerably and now




Not really alot of help here!!

Start your own thread. You piggybacked on someone else's.

When you do, be very specific about your problem and fully describe
your situation.

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