Doubled TOC Entry


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I have a large (600+ pages) multi-chapter document. Each chapter is a
separate document, and in the document that contains all my front matter I
use "RD" field codes (e.g., { RD "Chapter-1_R5C.doc" \f }) to generate a TOC.

My front-matter document includes the cover page, TOC, lists of tables and
figures, an acronym list, and the Executive Summary. The headings on the
lists of tables, figures, and acronyms use a style called "Con-Fig-Table"
that is included as a TOC1 heading.

For some reason (gremlins, no doubt), the acronyms list shows up twice in
the TOC. Every time I regenerate the TOC, I end up with two identical lines
that say
ACRONYMS ........................xviii
ACRONYMS ........................xviii

I can't find any reason why that ONE wretched entry should be doubled. There
are no tracked changes at that point. There are no paragraphs fore or aft
that are formatted with the "Con-Fig-Table" style. I've turned on the options
to view hidden text and bookmarks, and I can't find anything amiss. As far as
I can tell, the heading "ACRONYMS" is formatted precisely the same as the
headings for Figures and Tables.

Any suggestions on why one entry should get two lines in the TOC or how I
can get it to be satisfied with only a single line?



Stefan Blom

Is there a manual page break before the Acronyms heading? If so, that might
sometimes create a duplicate in the TOC. Delete the manual page break and use
"Page break before" formatting (Format | Paragraph, Line and Page Breaks tab)
on the heading instead.

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