PDF add-in puts TOC 3 in bookmarks




I've used MS Word 2007 styles to structure my document so that I can
generate a table of contents in Word and use the PDF add-in to then generate
a PDF of the file with bookmarks.

All works well except that the PDF lists all TOC3 items in the bookmarks.

My TOC looks something like this:

Table of Contents
- A TOC 3 heading
- Another TOC 3 heading
- Another TOC 3 heading...
Chapter 1: Introduction
- Product overview
- Getting started

I would like to stop the TOC 3 headings from displaying in the bookmarks. Is
this possible?

A strange thing I have noticed is that in my Styles list, TOC 3 has the
Style type set to "Linked (paragraph and character)". I don't know why this
is or how to change it. Could this be the cause of the problem?

Stefan Blom

I'm not sure I understand what goes wrong here... Are you saying that you are
creating a hyperlinked TOC? Then if you don't want level 3 headings to show
in the PDF, just exclude them when creating the TOC.

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