dotted box around selected button



access puts a dotted box around the button which currently has the
focus, it really doesn't look good - does anyone know a way of turning
this dotted box off?




AFAIK, you can't. an alternative is to use a label control. set your code on
the label's Click event. set the SpecialEffect property to Raised and the
BackStyle to normal to simulate a command button. to simulate the "in/out"
of clicking a command button, add code to the label's MouseDown event to
change the SpecialEffect property to Sunken, and code to the MouseUp event
to change it back to Raised.

you can make the BackColor any color you want, which is a nice plus. on the
down side, labels are not included in the form's Tab order (a label control
has no Tab property), so while you can click it, you can't tab onto it using
the keyboard. you also can't run it with a hot key (an underlined letter in
the label's caption).


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