access97 to 2002 search button conversion error


Advance Scout

I recently converted an access 97 application to access 2002. My
"customer information form" has a search button that when pressed opened
another form with 3 additional search option buttons on it.

One of those 3 buttons, "search by name", used to open the "find" dialog
box which worked perfectly in Access97 (and still does). But in Access
2002 it is creating an error.

Now when I click that button I get a "Find and Replace" dialog box.
(Access97 was just a "find" dialog box). When data is entered into the
"find what" field and you press the search button you get this error:

"The control "command76" macro is attempting to search cant be searched.
.. Try one of the following....
*add a goto control action before the findrecord action
*for the findrecord action,change the only current field action argument
from yes to no
*change the focus to a searchable control "

The code for the "on click event" for that search button is:

DoCmd.DoMenuItem acFormBar, acEditMenu, 10, , acMenuVer70

and it works on Access97, but apparently not on Access 2002.

I now changed the code to:
DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdFind

and its working but the new "Find and replace" dialog box is filling in
contactlastname as the "look in:" and once it finds the first match it
wont find any others. If I manually change the "look in:" to the forms
name it will then find any others that match.

So- what code can I try so that it will focus back on the form and not
fill in the "look in" box with the field to search, or fill in the "look
in:" box with the form name? Using just
"Forms!frmCustomerInvoice.SetFocus" does not seem to work in Access2002.



Advance Scout

I just tried this: I went into the tools/options for edit/find and
changed default to general search and that seems to have given me what I

But why would the original code for set focus not work in Access2002?

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