Converting Access 97 to Acees 2003 & get conversion Errors



In Access2003, I'm selecting "Tools/Database Utilities/Convert Database/to
Access 2002 - 2003 File Format". I select a Access 97 file and hit the
convert button. After creating the new file name and hitting the save button
I get a message that Access encountered errors and I should check the
"Conversion Errors" table.
The Converted tables have the correct number of records, Forms and Report
look good and the Queries seen to run correctly.
When I open the "Conversion Errors" table I see 2 records with 3 fields.
Their fields are "Object Type", "Object Name" and "Error Description". Both
records have "Table" as data in the "Object Type", "MSysObjects" as data in
the "Object Name" field. One of the "Error Description" fields has "-1017:
Could not find field 'Description'.". The other has "-1611: Could not find
field 'Description'.".
I can not any field called "MSysObjects" nor can I find anything on the WEB
or in Microsoft relating to the two "Error Description".
Should I be concerned about the conversion errors? Does anyone know what
might be causeing them or how to convert without getting them?
I tried doing a Database Repair and a Database Compact in Access97 before
Converting, but still get the errors. I also created a blank database in
Access 2003 and Import from the Access97 file, but that also gave me errors
and they seemed more significant.
If any one has any info or ideas I would greatly appreciate hearing about


Tom Wickerath

Hi Mark,
I can not any field called "MSysObjects"...

MSysObjects is one of the normally hidden system tables. To view the system
tables in Access 2003, click on Tools | Options... --->Select the View tab,
and place a check in "System Objects". You should see several tables that
begin with Msys, including MSysObjects.

I suspect that the conversion error may be an indication of possible
corruption in your source database. See item # 8, here:

Some Microsoft Access MDB Corruption Symptoms

Rather that trying to convert, you might want to create a new empty
database, and then import all objects (but not any linked tables) from your
97 database. See the bottom half of page 3, of a Word document that I call
"Access Links" for a detailed step-by-step procedure. You are welcome to
download a zipped copy of this Word document from my web site.

Also, if you are going to be doing active development work in this database,
I suggest using the Access 2000 file format. Search the same Access Links
Word document for the word "bloat" to see the reason why I'm making this

Once you import your objects into a new empty database, make sure to remove
default checked references that you may not need, for example to the ADO
library (Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects [x.x] Library), as you likely do not
have any ADO code in an Access 97 application.

Tom Wickerath
Microsoft Access MVP

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