DOS Fullscreen issue NTVDM with Vista... Please fix this......




I think Windows Vista 32-bit OS has an issue because it won't run DOS
fullscreen apps although the option to do so is in the properties.When I call
a DOS app that tries to run in full screen, I receive an error telling me
that It doesn't support fullscreen.That's ridiculous since the NTVDM used in
Windows XP is the same of Windows Vista.Are you planing to fix this issue in
Windows Vista SP1? (Because there are a lot of people who wan't to run dos
apps directly in the OS like they do on Windows XP and those people simply
won't upgrade until this issue is fixed)Is there a fix to this issue?
(Because I don't feel that my pc is safer with that "int 10h issue" just
because it won't let me run what I want).I want Windows Vista because I can
run DX10 games but it doesn't mean that sometime I won't run some classic DOS
If this discussion group is from Microsoft, I would like also (if possible)
to receive an answer about this from Tech Support to my mail
([email protected])

Thanks and sorry about my English.

With the best regards,

Ricardo Ferreira.


I had the same error with a program on my PC. I can't say what is happening,
but it's weird and it's annoying.

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