dos commands



how do I get into DOS when the pc shows an .exe file is
missing, and it doesn't boot? And what are the commands to
copy an .exe file from the cd-rom to the system32/ ?



Dave Patrick

If you post the text of the error message, then someone may be able to help

Herb Martin

It's not DOS but in Win2000 you can boot the CD-ROM to
the "Repair" option then use the "Recover Console" and get a
"dos-like" command prompt.

Then just use the "copy" command pretty much as usual.

You can also try, Safe Mode Command prompt only by pressing F8.

And like the other fellow said, you can try telling us what the real
problem is and what error message you received.




The only way I can think of that is practical is to press
F8 while win2k is starting. When the menu comes up,
select "safe mode with CD support." Load the CD in
question into your CD Drive, Which I will refer to as X:.
Type in the following commands: (with your proper file
name)1st type the drive letter of your CD Drive "X:",
2nd,type "dir filename.exe /s" (no Quotes). Your file
should be listed, and in which sudirectory it resides.
Then, type in
"copy X:\directory\subdirectory\filename.exe (space)
C:\windows\system32" Of course, type in the correct
directory & subdirectory names in the copy command. If you
don't find your file during the dir command, it may be in
a .cab (cabinet file). Of course, if you have internet
access, you could run a search on the file name, then
download it into the system32 directory.

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