Domain trust and member server access




We have a 2 way trusting setup between our company domain with another
external company domain to allow users in both AD to access resources in both
servers. This work well when users are accessing the resources store in DC.

Recently, I have setup a Windows 2000 server and configured as member server
of our domain. However, I couldn't access the AD information on the other
domain. I would like to enquire when trusting are setup on both domain, is
this trust also flow down to member server? If not, how can I configure users
from other domain to access resources using their AD logon accounts?


Jorge de Almeida Pinto

yes a trust should also provide you access to member servers. You might want
to look if name resolution is working OK from that member server so that it
can find a DC in the other domain. This can be accomplished using DNS or
WINS. Look at what you are using to see everything is OK and make sure the
member is pointing to DNS and/or WINS servers for nameresolution whereas
both DNS and/or WINS are able to resolve names in your domain and in the
other domain


# Jorge de Almeida Pinto #
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