Domain Admin Rights on XP PRO




I have a w2k3 AD with 10 computers, and everything seems to work fine, but I
have a problem with one computer.
It is a XP PRO with SP2, I can with no problem join the domain, but when I
logon with a Domain administrator I do not have Local admin rights.
Even if I make a domain user menber of the local admin-group, and logon I do
not have admin rights.
The local users who used the computer before it joined the domain have admin
rights. I cannot see network-connections in controlpanel.

All other computers do not have the problem.
Anyone with ant idea????

Best regards

Steven L Umbach

Make sure that the computer can contact a domain controller and look in
Event Viewer to see if there are any errors/warnings such as for userenv
that may indicate a problem with such. You also could use the support tool
netdiag to make sure there are no problems with dns, dc discovery, or secure
channel/trust and it would also be a good idea to run that on your domain
controller. DNS must also be configured correctly for your domain in that
the domain controller must only point to itself via it's static IP address
as it's preferred DNS server as shown via ipconfig /all and the domain
workstations must point ONLY to the domain controller as their preferred DNS
server. Use the command net localgroup administrators to verify membership
of the local administrators group. Also if everything seems to be configured
correctly run rsop.msc on the computer to see what Group Policy settings are
being applied to that user account. If administrators are not exempted from
domain/OU Group Policy via GP "filtering" or GP structure then Group Policy
restrictions will apply to them also. --- Steve

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